In every iOS applications, you need your user's permission to send Push Notifications. At some point in the user's navigation to the app, you have to present a pop-up.

That pop-up will give the user the change to enable or disable push notifications from that application. In Kodika, you can register your Push Notifications in two different ways. Let's break them down!

  • Launch: If you select Launch, the permission pop-up will be presented as soon as the user enters your app.
  • Event-Block: With this option, you have the power to place your notification permission pop-up wherever you wish. All you have to do is add the "RegisterPushNotificationsHelper Request Push Notifications permissions" block to the corresponding function in Blockly. For example, if I want the notification permission pop-up to be presented as soon as my user enters the second screen of my app, I will add the viewDidLoad function from "Recommended functions," and in it, I will add the block.

As soon as your user enters the second screen, a pop-up like the one above will be presented!

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