To have access to App Store Connect, first, make sure you have set up your Apple ID and Apple Developer Account

To create an app to App Store Connect:

  • Press the "+" button.
  • Press "New App"
  • Check the "iOS" option at "Platforms" field.
  • In the "Name" field, fill your app's name, as you wish it to be displayed in the App Store. Make sure that the name you select is not longer than 30 characters.
  • Choose the "Primary Language" you wish your app to display.
  • At the Bundle ID field, find the Bundle ID that you have created for the specific app. If you have not created a Bundle ID for your new app, press "Register a new bundle ID in Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles"  to create one. For guidance, you can visit this article. After setting it, make sure it is the same as the one in your Kodika application.
  • The SKU allows you to identify your application. It is not visible in the App Store, and it should be unique.
  • At "User Access" select the "Full Access" option, if you wish for all users to have access to your application
  • If that is not the case, then select "Limited Access," and add the users you wish to have access to your application.
  • Press "Create"

Your app should be good to go!

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