If you have not setup your Apple Developer Account, then visit this link to learn how. Afterward, come back to create your Bundle Identifier.

To create your apps Bundle Identifier:

  • Press the "+" button.
  • Select "App IDs" and press "Continue".
  • Leave the Platform to default "iOS, tvOS, watchOS" selection.
  • Fill the "Description" field with your app's name.
  • Apple recommends creating the Bundle ID by using a reverse-domain name style string. For example, if your domain is "mycompanyname.com" and your app's name is "myappname" then you should fill the "Bundle ID" field with "com.mycompanyname.myappname". Make sure to select the "Explicit" option, to create a bundle identifier that only the "myappname" app can use.
  • The "App ID Prefix" should be set by default.
  • Press Continue.

Your new Bundle ID is all set!

How to get your app's Bundle ID:

  • Click App Information.
  • Your app's Bundle ID is under General Information.

There you go!

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